Deep Insight into Current Issues Related to Sociology and Ethnography in Canada

Social studies

The Canadian government gives fair decisions on the social issues that are faced by their citizens. If the people compare their country’s policies or issues with other countries, only the social policies make them different from other countries in the world. The Canadian government is liberal with the implementation of its policies on its citizens. Moreover, they enjoy many benefits, protection, etc. in the culturally diversified society.

Key Issues Addressed by Canadian Society

Key Issues Addressed by Canadian Society

The Canadian Sociology and Anthropology is concerned with the social policies that make the country progressive than other nations. The country is well-focused on its societal issues and advocates the rights of its people. However, many social issues are addressed by the Canadian organization and have many critics too. Here are some of the issues that are still prevalent as the current issues that hit Canadian Sociology and Anthropology:

  • Health Care: The Canadian Health system is one of the privileged healthcare systems, but it is quite expensive to maintain too. The Canadian people are covered by public health insurance provided by the Canadian government. There are many plans offered for the citizens. However, the provincial government has cut upon certain things that they think as “non-essential” so the citizens have to buy the private health insurances. These include eye treatment or operation, and the dentist visits that the government does not cover. Most of the employers provide the private health insurance as a reward to the employees.
  • Issues Related to Alcohol and Drugs: Various drugs and even alcohol ware banned in many states of Canada in the previous time. However, with the changing times and social structure now, the alcohol is only attainable in the government-run and licensed liquor stores. Even it is available at far-off locations where people sometimes cannot afford to go. The drugs are banned in the country in order to avert social evils from the present-day society. Even the reports provided by Canadian Sociology and Anthropology society suggest that driving under the influence of alcohol, and drugs is rated as an offense and legal drinking age is set to be 19 years.
  • Limits on Freedom of Speech: The people living in Canada have freedom of speech, and they can write or speak whatever they wish. However, there are few limitations imposed by the government that the people must follow. They cannot write or sell the obscene materials, banned CDs, and books issued by the government. In order to protect the interest of society, the government has banned the things related to sexual violence, pedophilic activities, and other prohibited acts.

Lastly, the Canadian Sociology and Anthropology society has provided much related information and current issues that are addressed by the government. These include any kind of discrimination against immigrants, the rules regarding the abortion, carrying of guns and other weapons, the rights of Lesbian, and Gays. These issues are still prevalent in the Canadian society, and people are looking forward to required changes too.