XIX ISA World Congress of Sociology

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XIX ISA World Congress of Sociology

ISA and the 2018 conference topics

ISA stands for International Sociological Association. The ISA was holding the XIX ISA World Congress of Sociology in Toronto from July 15 to 21, 2018. The main topic of the conference this year was Power, Violence, and Justice: Reflection, Responses, and Responsibilities. It is highly regarded as one of the best gatherings of sociologists from all over the world to discuss the social issues which the world has to face.

Margaret Abraham is the current president of the organization and under her supervision, the association has garnered highly positive reviews from the participants. Power, violence, and justice are a topic that is the main concern for most of the countries of the world. This conference made sure that how could the different sectors of the society take control of the situation and take the active part in social reforms. If the power was used out of its limits then it was regarded as violence. To eliminate this issue the conference held a vital position.

History of the organization

History of the organizationThe organization was founded in 1948 and since inception, it has taken the active part in all the sociological events that have taken place in the world. The best part of the organization is the reach and influence has increased with the passage of time. The overall management of the organization is highly engaging and tries to make the conference as interesting and possible. On the 50th anniversary of the organization, a book was published which was written by Jennifer Platt. Reading this book will give an idea to the users that what the achievements of the association are. It is titled as History of ISA.

Participants of current conference

Sociology is the corporate social responsibility of every organization of the world. The best part of the organization is that the participants are organized booth wise so that they can be located easily. The event is covered by the world press and the thoughts of the participants are taken on the topic. This year about 30 participants have taken part in the conference. The main participants of the conference this year were Oxford University, Manchester University, Routledge and the list goes on.

Topics under discussion

There were the number of topics which were discussed this year. The conference was continuing for 4 days. On the very first day, the topic of “Arab Sociology” was discussed. This included the questions of the Arab sociologists and their answers. The report on the Arab Sociology also was presented to the participants. On the second day, the Analysis of Qualitative Data in Sociology discussed to make sure that the impact is understood. The third day saw the emerging group meeting as well as the Provalis Report which was presented. The fourth day saw that the works of the publishers were used and the effect of the work of these publishers on the social collaboration was discussed. The rest of the three days were given off to the participants as they could have to complete the formalities and return.